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Company profile
  Chongqing-ASEAN Free Trade Area is the area that is established by China and ten ASEAN members. It is the largest free trade area made up by developing countries in the world. With the implementation of "the Belt and Road Initiative" and the Yangtze River Economic Zone development strategy, Chongqing, located in the Silk Road Economic Zone, Indo-China Peninsula Economic Corridor (connecting the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road) and the Yangtze River Economic Zone large "Y"-shaped channel connecting point, becomes one of the important nodes that connects Europe, Asian-Pacific and ASEAN Economic Circle. 
       In 2015, Chongqing Highway Transportation (Group) Co.,Ltd. and affiliated Highway Logistics Base Construction Co.,Ltd. in Banan District, Chongqing jointly established Chongqing Highway Transportation ASEAN International Logistics Co.,Ltd. The company is committed to promoting the formation of Chongqing Southward International Logistics Channel, building the highway freight channel from Chongqing to ASEAN countries and creating Chongqing into the important junction of the Land Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road. On April 28, 2016, Chongqing ASEAN Regular Lorry was put into operation with the Park as the starting point as per the "five-fixed" operation mode. On April 26, 2017, Chongqing Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center (B-type) formally started running. By virtue of outstanding regional advantages, Chongqing has become the international cooperation partner with the shortest space-time distance to ASEAN. Moreover, as Chongqing is the manufacturing, business trade, logistics, finance and information center in Western China, Chongqing must become the transport and logistics hub that connects ASEAN with North China, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. And Chongqing plays a more important role in the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area. Chongqing ASEAN International Logistics Park will become the new window for the southwest region's opening to the outside world while relying on Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry.

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