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Administrative Services
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I. Enterprise customs service: 
    High-efficiency and superior customs brokerage and customs procedure handling service; customized exclusive consultation on customs policies, affairs and management by professional teams.  

II. Goods assembly and inspection service: 
     Provide more convenient and faster assembly and inspection service;

III. Data processing and online declaration service: 
      The Center possesses strong informationization system so that enterprises can master all conditions;

IV. Butler service for enterprise: 
     Help the settled enterprises to handle various administration procedures and applications and provide human resource management service (talent transport and training), activity propaganda and plan and ad design and manufacturing;

V. Logistical support service: 
     The center can provide such logistical support service including meeting affairs, engineering maintenance, security, safeguard, clean-keeping, plant rental, procurement through agency (office supplies, device procurement, etc.), vehicle rental, parking, etc. so as to eliminate the worries for enterprises; 

VI. Regulated coordination service:
     The Center provides 24h real-time monitoring and configures professional security personnel to do all-round patrol and protect the goods safety.