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The Investment information
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      The Chongqing-ASEAN International Logistics Park covers an area of about 86.66 ha and the proposed construction scale is about 42 ha. There are four functional plates Area A-Chongqing South Freight Hub, Area B-City Logistics (South Chongqing) Transfer Station, Area C-Vehicle Inspection Site and Area D-Chongqing Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center (Type-B).
      Also, it's configured with the bonded warehouse, joint inspection comprehensive office building, warehouse for fine products and confiscated products, bonded warehouse, inspection waiting area, inspection area, public sorting area, container operation area and other facilities. It is configured with intelligent pass, fence, monitoring alarm system, loading and unloading platform, boarding bridge, mobile weighbridge, public sorting line, forklift, etc. with complete functions, and thus it can meet the bonded logistics operation.
Potential Partner:
    I. Domestic and foreign famous third-party logistics enterprises, distribution enterprises, storage enterprises and transportation enterprises at home and abroad; 
    II. International freight forwarding enterprises;
    III. International trade business enterprises;
    IV. The enterprises whose carryover of simple processing of processing trade requires export rebates;
    V. The enterprise that provides vendor management inventory for multinational manufacturing enterprises;
    VI. The logistics enterprise that is engaged in international allocation, international procurement and international distribution;
    VII. The multinational logistics corporation that requires international transfer function;
    VIII. The enterprise that undertakes domestic consignment sales and repairing parts bonded storage of international famous brand products.